What We Do in Our Spare Time!

Teaching the next generation and having a bit of fun with gluten free food.

A peep into the more social side of North Suffolk Pantry. Because we are a small, family run business we try to do what we can to support our local gluten free community and local events generally.

You will find us at the regular Bungay Street Fairs in May and December with our seasonal wares.

We also try to support charity events such as Macmillian Coffee Event in September. This was instigated by my granddaughter, and in 2019 she raised £165.00 from what she decided we were cooking! We have also contributed to the Alzheimer's Society in 2020. In 2021 we will be contributing to Coeliac UK, WWF, and other more local charities, such as Mini Donks. 

My granddaughter also introduced me to the North Suffolk Pantry mascot, 'Gusto' the marvelous gluten free mouse chef! He watches over every new recipe to ensure perfection!

About North Suffolk Pantry

North Suffolk Pantry prides itself on cooking and baking wholesome, traditional products using gluten free flour blends and gluten free ingredients.

We have 12 years' experience cooking and baking using gluten free ingredients. We are allergy aware and can adapt menus/content of buffet style presentation to suit requirements or provide individual portions/plates in consultation with the client with ingredients list if required. 

We focus on traditional home cooking/baking and family favourites and have adapted many recipes over the years. Our cakes, sweet & savoury pastries, meals and desserts are eaten by all and comments such as, 'you would never know they were gluten free' are common. Our business favourites include triple chocolate cheese cake, key lime pie & banoffee pie. We make our own gluten free tray-bake biscuit base which can be adapted at the crumb stage to many different flavours.  

We have recently begun to make our own chutneys and fruit preserves which have been well received. Our fruit scones, homemade jam and clotted cream are a favourite afternoon tea. Cupcakes always go down well at parties; this is a given.  Our favourite flavours include: lemon & ginger, chocamocha, double chocolate, cranberry & white chocolate and vanilla with lots of different fruit toppings.

Cooking and baking with gluten free ingredients can be complicated; the ingredients do not always do what you want them to and it has taken us several years of tweaking to perfect our pastry. Some of our most requested products include: sausage meat pie/sausage rolls, chicken & bacon pie, quiche, deep- filled fruit pies and crispy orange pastry mince pies made with our own gluten free mincemeat and brandy butter. 

We are currently building our portfolio of canapes and buffet options and have close links with bakeries that can guarantee gluten free bread products, such as: naan bread, pizza bases, artisan bread and rolls, bagels & doughnuts. This enables us to successfully cater for most events/occasions where gluten free is essential.

Please contact us to discuss your dietary needs; We can accommodate single items which can be baked fresh throughout the week and are ready for collection next day or offer private catering to suit your requirements within a 20 mile radius of Broome, Bungay Suffolk. 

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