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Lunches & Dinner Parties

Entertaining family or friends?

Feeding someone at a dinner party that needs to follow a gluten free diet can be tricky. The easiest way is to make it all with gluten free ingredients!

We can help you plan and provide a menu that suits all your guests. Gluten free food is delicious, your guests will not be disappointed.

Traditional Rice Dishes

Tasty rice based dishes are always a winner, or add the sauces to oven baked potatoes for a change.

Whether you enjoy meat based or vegetarian curries, chillies, sweet & sour or Mediterranean style dishes they are all possible with gluten free ingredients.

Catering for dinner parties and functions is available by request.

Traditional Hearty Meals

Delicious, fresh gluten free ingredients combined to fill bellies and warm the heart.

If you rely on eating gluten free ingredients you don't have to miss out on traditional, hearty meals with all the trimmings. Yorkshire puds, stuffing, pigs in blankets and rich, meaty gravy is not a challenge. We source quality, gluten free ingredients to make a full roast a possibility! 

Catering for private parties and functions is available on request.

Pasta Dishes

Always a winner.

There are lots of different gluten free pastas available, but they are not all good. I think we have tried them all, and are aware of which ones cook well and hold a good sauce. The sky is the limit with flavours, we make our sauces from scratch, and can adapt flavours on request.

Catering for private parties and functions is available on request.

Quick Meals

Dress them up or down depending on your time and budget.

It is possible to create quick meals using gluten free ingredients. Fish & chips, pizza, chicken nuggets, bangers & mash and the traditional full English can be accommodated for a children's party, wedding breakfast, stag/hen do, feast before an event or after the action. So if you need 100 sausage and egg rolls on gluten free this is doable or 50 more fancy, smokey, pulled pork and homemade coleslaw in a gluten free bap, give us a call!

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