Silly Yaks UK is a new brand name that we have adopted here at North Suffolk Pantry. We set out to find the best selection of gluten free sweets, and confectionery that is currently available and safe to eat by Coeliacs (Silly Yaks).

We aim to make these treats accessible to customers both locally, via our collection point in Broome (South Norfolk), through our local stockists and for sale online. 

We have sourced our supply of delicious sweets and confectionery from reputable manufacturers and have spent time talking to them about how they label their products and how safe their systems are relating to the risks of gluten contamination.

We have been pleased with the feedback that we have had and many of our suppliers have shared product data sheets and shared information about product coding for us to look out for so that we know where and in which factories certain products are made in gluten free environments. 

Gluten Free Sweets for Silly Yaks! 

This is just the start, watch out for more yummy sweets  here soon!